Week 2, with Eddie Redmayne (only kidding)

This week we had the brilliant Dan Watson come to work with us. We talked a lot about Eddie Redmayne (Dan’s worked with him, Gemma would like to…), did some improvising using touch, sang our karaoke song to Dan (Gemma made sure he didn’t join in with us) and talked about Gemma’s fear of performing on stage. Gemma’s openness to everything that’s suggested keeps surprising me.

Gemma and Kiki improv from Katherine Hollinson on Vimeo.

I’m learning a lot about the other people in Gemma’s life, particularly the taxi drivers that drive us to and from the theatre. Gemma’s been using the same firm for 10 years now so some of the drivers have know her for a long time. I’d never really thought about all of the people in Gemma’s wider circle that she interacts with on a daily basis.  She talks about her carers a lot and I’ve met most of them at her bungalow but I hadn’t realised that there were more people that Gemma knows so well and who know so much about her life and family.

Let’s see what week 3 holds in store for us!