A review of sorts…

As part of our project, Gemma and I went to see Arthur Pita’s Stepmother/Stepfather at The Lowry. Here’s what Gemma thought of the show:

It was a nice performance. It was nice seeing ladies or other sisters performing.

Without giving too much away, the first half was about sisters and Snow White doing some kind of sister acting or dancing. Then the second half of the show was a family dance and a mother + daughter and a father + son dance. Well that’s what I saw it as anyway.

From where we were sat it looked like a jungle scene in the second half, because after the main curtain moved there was another kind of curtain with monkeys, birds and a face of an ape. But the first act was black with Snow White in a yellow dress with a red ribbon and make up on.

It made me feel slightly chilly, it was a very good performance. There was only one act at the very end that nearly brought me to tears.

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